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Linux Kernel and Drivers Eng

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Job Type: Contract
Date: 8/11/2017
Job ID: 02511433
Job Description
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Minimum 7 years software development experience using C/C++.
  • Create and follow Software Version Management
  • Use of software debuggers and emulators, compilers, linkers, and build environment.
  • Must have experience launching products into serial production
  • Must be able to read electrical schematics and integrate and debug hardware, software, sensors.
  • Have knowledge of and experience using Lab equipment (oscilloscopes, meters, logic analyzers etc.)
  • Project Management.  Plan, estimate, sequence, and measure completed work. 
  • Collaborate cross functionally to investigate, root-cause, and solve technical issues
  • Conduct Software Design and Code reviews