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Network Engineer

Location: Germantown, MD
Job Type: Contract
Date: 5/10/2018
Job ID: 02596209
Job Description
Network Engineer coming out of a service provider environment ONLY with Tier III experience plus either strong Palo Alto or Fortinet firewall experience
6-12 months+
The individual should have a solid understanding of network protocols and the performance characteristics of broadband networks. In addition, through appropriate training, the individual should have the appropriate technical background to be able to quickly come up to speed on managed services, including the equipment, tools, and unique characteristics of such services.

The individual should then be able to apply his/her technical background and experience, as well as the knowledge gained of services, in order to be perform the following tasks, with little or no supervision:
  • Monitor and pro-actively act on anomalies of the customer’s network. In addition, the individual will conduct traffic analyses to determine trends that might suggest changes to bandwidth or equipment configurations.
  • Receive real-time alerts regarding any network-wide anomalies. Work with Hughes’ operations personnel to resolve such anomalies, while keeping customer apprised of status.
  • Proactively Monitor network health and identify sites with chronic outage problems. Work with appropriate teams to identify and resolve the problems at such chronic sites.
  • Pro-actively monitor customer’s traffic to detect any sudden, unexplained increase in traffic. Identify root cause for such traffic pattern changes.
  • Utilize a lab environment where customer’s applications can be tested . If variances from baseline are detected. Isolate the cause of such variances. If network related, identify and resolve the cause of these performance issues.
  • Use Hughes’ Performance Models to run traces of new or modified customer applications in order to predict the response time of such applications under different transport assumptions.
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks such as code upgrades for various components.